Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Now available at Tucson Dodge is Mopar’s answer to safety and tracking.  This unique technology is getting rave reviews by dealerships and the general public.  Here’s how it works.  If a vehicle is stolen, the response center is notified and the GPS is activated on the nationwide network and the vehicle is located.  The next step is police recovery.

In an everyday scenario Mopar’s EVTS plays a factor for both businesses and personal use.  On the business end an employer can track the speed of a vehicle and its location with historic map tracing so you would always know where that vehicle traveled for the day.  Personally the system is great for being notified when the vehicle leaves a certain mile radius that you decide on and set yourself.  Have piece of mind knowing when your vehicle arrives and departs from its location as well as knowing when it has hit excessive speeds.  The OnCall (on-board panic button) can be manually triggered in case of danger or an accident.

There are two service plans to choose from so finding the right plan can be done by speaking with a member of the Tucson Dodge team and educating yourself on the benefits of both.

EVTS “long over due”.
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  1. Excellent !!! The highlights of this tracking device look so cool.. i can now feel better about my 15 year old getting her first car. that feature that lets me set the programs up on-line is so cool. if she tells me she is going to a freinds house. i can go on-line and program that location. if she deviates from it then i am alerted. if she drives too fast, then i am alerted. if something happens to my kid while she is driving then i am imediately alerted. i already like this new device and have'nt even gotten it yet. but i will super soon. A Big Thank You To Mopar & to Tucson Dodge for making it available to all of us. they even said that they could put it in any vehicle not just the dodge. Way Cool !!