Friday, June 1, 2012

The New 2013 Dodge Dart...

via- Larry P. Vellequette, Automotive News -

The Dodge Dart has returned better than ever. According to the research, the 2013 Dodge Dart is the first Chrysler to be built using the platform technologies from fiat. which gives gives the Dart many more options.

In 1960, the First Generation of the Dodge Dart was introduced to the public. It was designed to be a low-priced, more compact sedan. Itr had 3 different styles : the basic Seneca, the mid-range Pioneer and the Premium Pheonix. This new version of Dodge/Plymouth was instantly a popular vehicle. They even became the popular choice for the Taxi-Cab drivers.

1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer

In 1962, the Second Generation of the Dodge Dart was introduced to the market. This version of the Dart was even more compact and they lightwened the Dart by using a new Unibody Platform. The previous trim levels were dropped and the new Daodge Dart now came as the Dodge Dart 330, Dodge Dart 440 & the Dodge Polara 500. They also made the Dart available in wogon Series & Convertible Series.

The Dart's newly designed B-body chassis design would continue on for quite some time. The Dart would only use this design in 1962, but the B-body Chassis design would stick around almost unchanged, all the way throuogh till the 1974 E-bodies Challenger & Barracuda.

1962 Dodge Dart 413

In 1963 what was being called the Third Generation of the Dodge Dart was born. This was the year of the new "Senior Compact", the length of the Dart's wheel base went from 106.5 to 111 in. other than the suspension & the engine sizes. there did not seem to be too many changes to the Third Generation...

1963 Dodge Dart GT

In 1967 the Fourth Generation of the Dodge Dart was introduced. This Dodge platform went from the B-body to the A-body platform. Modifications such as more Horsepower & more Torque were given to the existing engine types due to the larger carburetors & revised crankshafts. Also new engine types became available to the new Dart body & frame.

In addition to the new body styling, new steering systems & front track and frame rail spacing, the restyled Dart in 1967 featured a rear window with compound inverse curves. These minor modifications brought about a nice change to the Dodge Dart. This would be the final design & changes to the Dart until the end of the A-body in 1976.

1967 Dodge Dart GT (maroon)    1967 Dodge Dart 270 (blue)

1976 was the Dart's Final year in the North American market. Front disc brakes became standard equipment on January 1st in accordance to new U.S. Federal brake performance requirements, and a foot-operated parking brake replaced the under-dash T-handle used since the Dart's 1960 introduction as a compact vehicle.

1976 Dodge Dart GT

Now the Dodge Dart is Back... yes the rumors are True, they have designed, built & will be introducing the New 2013 Dodge Dart to the public on or around the end of the Second Quarter of 2012 (June).

 The New 2013 Dodge Dart has turbo charged engines, new european driving dynamics from fiat's platform, it's estimated to get 41 mpg on the highway. It is also stated that aside from the 14 interior combinations, 12 exterior colors, 6 wheel choices and the ability to add over 150 Mopar accessories is that these are only a few of the newly designed features that trully diferentiates the Dodge Dart from other vehicles in it's class. The new design includes unique grilles, hoods, tailpipes, shifters, steering wheels and hundreds of other available options that can easily turn your Dart into a one-of-a-kind Dodge Dart.   Would you like to see it ?

To the New 2013 Dodge Dart...We Issue a Very Warm Welcome...and can't wait until your Birthday...


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